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Pigmecoins: New iphone/ipad game has been released!


Pig Me Coins is a unique fun game.
Help the pigs collect as many coins as possible so that they can fulfill their dreams.

Game Features:
– The purpose of the game is to drop as many coins as possible in the piggy bank.
– No touching or tapping on the screen!! The game uses the accelerometer of your device…what is that you say?? Very simple: the coins move as you move your device.
– But this is not as easy as it seems; you need to maneuver the coins across obstacles to get to the piggy bank.
– You think this is hard enough?? Wait till you are attacked by the flying dog that will try to take your coins away from you….

Enough with the chatting, just download it and give it a try…it’s FREE !!!!!

Download the game!